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Recomended for

These charters are recommended for people who are not qualified or for those who do not have enough experience to feel confident handling a yacht themselves.

sailing yach charter in Kavala
sailing yach charter in Kavala

What is Skippered Charters?

Skippered charters means that the yacht rental comes with an authorised skipper who will handle the main tasks of sailing the boat, navigating the islands and mooring.

Skippered charters give you the flexibility of deciding your own sailing route with the comfort of knowing an experienced captain is on board to guide you through any rough seas and to recommend the little known spots that make sailing in Greece such an amazing experience.

Professional skipper is responsible to:

  • make the right decisions about the journey
  • teach you basic information on how to properly use the equipment on board
  • safely transport you to your destination
  • keep the boat in a safe place during the time you have landed, in order to explore the island of your choice
  • protect the boat as long as you miss it
  • provide you with basic safety information on board while cruising
sailing yach charter in Kavala
sailing yach charter in Kavala

We recommend

We recommend charteres who have little experience in boat rental, to choose hiring a professional skipper so that their cruise to be as close as possible to their dream!

The sea has hidden dangers, which is more familiar to those who have the experience to deal with it! So if you don’t feel comfortable handling a boat with complete control of your boat and crew, hire a professional skipper to do it for you!

Because the golden rule in the sea says: “SAFETY FIRST!”