success is a journey

Business at the sea

Business meetings are a daily and necessary thing for business people!

Place for such a meeting is a key factor in future cooperation!

The pleasant environment in a business forum is an important factor in the development of collaboration!

Reasons to do it

Call for dinner on the inside or outside of the boat of your choice to:

  • Announce to your staff a new campaign for your company
  • Reward your employees for the dedication they show to your company
  • Suggest a partnership to a future partner
  • Plan your next project together

Whatever your goal is .. Make it unique! It will reward you!

And much more

This service is provided while the boat is anchored at the port we choose!

In addition we provide the opportunity to arrange for you, the menu of your choice that you would like to wait for you on board when you arrive!

A must on the boat, will be a crew have to do with your organization and service as you wish!

If the freighter wishes, can hire a professional captain to make your meeting even more interesting by taking a short cruise to nearby locations!