all you need is the sea

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This service is aimed at pairs! Believing that these moments are unique, we suggest to those interested not to choose to be more than 2 pairs (4 people in total).

This service is a short cruise up to a maximum of 6 hours and usually takes place in the afternoon until shortly after sunrise!

sailing yach charter in Kavala
sailing yach charter in Kavala

Unique & romantic

It is a very famous and beautiful way for beloved people who want to experience something unique and romantic with their other half!

The best way to:

  • Express your love
  • Announces something happy
  • Make a unique marriage proposal

Not just a cruise

The experience is unique with your pair embrace and journey to the sea! The presence of many dolphins makes the time even more wonderful!

This service is accompanied by meals and drinks, which we will very carefully select for you!

sailing yach charter in Kavala
sailing yach charter in Kavala

Relaxing at the sea

Using the inside of the boat is at your disposal for even more personal moments of relaxation, with all the beautiful music choices to accompany your dreams!

Trust us to organize for you this special and important moment that will accompany you for the rest of your life, as a delightful and unique experience you have enjoyed together!