Alonnisos or Khelidromi is part of the Sporades it has about 1,100 inhabitants and an area of 62 km. It is a green island with many olive trees, fig trees, almond trees, etc.

Islands near Alonnisos

39°11.493'N, 023°58.680'EPeristera

The island of Peristera or Peristeri or Xero is very lightly inhabited island just east of Alonnisos. There are three anchorages on the island and no facilities.

39°12′N, 23°58.6′EVasiliko (Βασιλικό)

Vasiliko is a bay at the middle of the west side of the Peristera. The northern corner of the bay is well protected from the meltemi but is exposed to the south winds. The south corner offers some protection but you have to anchor at 15-20 m depth on weed. Bad holding.

39°11.2′N, 23°56.7′EVourlia

This cove, just south-west of Vasiliko, provides much better shelter from the south winds than Vasiliko. Anchor near the N coast and take a shore line to a rock on the south coast. Good holding on a mostly sand bottom.

39°10.224'N, 023°58.021'EPeristera

Peristera or Xero Bay – An isolated bay at the south of the island. Well protected from the meltemi but open to the south. This is maybe the most attractive anchorage in the region.


The main harbor in Alonnisos is Patitiri but, near by Votsi, is a more attractive anchorage. So is Steni Vala and Kokino Kastro.

39°8.55′N, 23°51.95′EPatitiri (Πατητήρι)

Patitiri is the harbor and the largest town in Alonnisos. The harbor affords good shelter from the meltemi. You can anchor moor stern-to at the quay to the north of the ferry dock, though space here is limited, or anchor moor on the south side of the ferry quay itself. The bottom is mostly sand and provides good holding. The quay is liable to be crowded during the summer months, while the SW of the harbor is more exposed to westerlies and is crowded with permanent moorings.

39°08.9′N, 23°52.4′EVotsi

Votsi is one cove north of Patitiri. It is a favorite anchorage in Alonnisos in that it is fairly easy to anchor, very well protected from both the meltemi and the south-west winds, it is very quiet, and only about 40 minutes on foot to Patitiri.

It is best to anchor just behind the jetty. In the fall, when the wind can change direction it is best to use two anchors: one from the bow and one from the stern. This will keep the boat form swinging in the small cove. Alternatively one can take a long shore line to the trees, W of the jetty. The bottom is mostly sand and provides good holding. There is a small quay, but it usually occupied.


39°11.5′N, 23°55.5′ESteni Vala

Steni Vala is a small harbor, just across from Peristera Island. It is an attractive place with a few tavernas. Go stern-to the quay. Depths are best close to the bit which is marked off for the tour boats.

39°10.1′N, 23°54.1′EKokino Kastro

Kokino Kastro is located about 2 nM north of Votsi. It takes its name from the red color of the cliffs. There are several very attractive coves with sandy beaches and pine trees all well protected from the meltemi.

The ruins of the ancient city of Iko (Ικώ) have been excavated near by and you can visit them. Also on the little island of Vrachos (Βράχος) were found some Paleolithic tools.

39°16.3′N, 23°56.9′EGerakas (Γέρακας)

Gerakas is a narrow bay at the nothern tip of the island. It is very nice but it is exposed to the north-east and not a suitable anchorage during the meltemi season.

39°08.5′N, 23°50.3′EMourtia

This is a bay on the south-west side of the island. It is very exposed to the south but offers some protection to the north winds. Not a very safe anchorage.

Alonnisos Boats

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