The island of Pelagos (Πέλαγος), sometimes referred to as Kyra-Panayia (Κυρα-Παναγιά), is an uninhabited island. It has two very good anchorages: Planitis in the north-east and Kyra-Panayia in the south-west. Planitis is a large landlocked bay, surrounded by green vegetation. On the east side of the island there is an old, now abandoned, monastery. It is also a sanctuary for marine mammals and birds, and fishing is prohibited.

The organization for the preservation of the Mediterranean SealMonachus Monachus or as it is locally known, MOmoperates out of Alonnisos. They operate an information pavilion in Patitiri, a seal rescue station in Gerakas, and a patrol boat that helps with the enforcement of the regulations of the marine sanctuary, also referred to as the Marine Park. The regulations prohibit any vessel to approach within 1 nM the islands of Piperi and Yura and allows anchorage only at Planitis and Kyra-Panayia in Pelagos and at Skantzoura.


39°21′N, 24°04.5′EPlanitis

Planitis is a most secure anchorage as it is totally enclosed by land save a narrow 82 m opening. The sea here is always flat and the bottom is weed and sand which provide very good holding. There are several places to anchor, all equally good. The bay is lovely although the water is not very clear.

Caution: Always enter the bay by keeping the little island to your right. At the left side of the island there are many dangerous rocks. During strong north winds entering and exiting the bay may be impossible.

39°19′N, 24°03.1′EKyra-Panayia

Kyra-Panayia or Kyra-Panagia or Ayios Petros is the second safe anchorage in the island. It is a lovely setting and provides good but gusty shelter from the meltemi. With south winds it is not tenable. There are several spots where one can anchor. The north-west cove, behind the small island is the best spot. The bottom is sand and provides good holding. This one a favorite anchorage with many cruisers

Kyra Panayia

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