North Aegean SeaLEMNOS

Limnos is a low lying island of 477 km2. The tallest peak of Skopia is only 430 m above sea level. It is an island not visited by many tourists and very beautiful. Being strategically located at the entrance of the Dardanelles, Limnos has had a long history.

Limnos has many bays, the largest of which is the Bay of Moudros is one of the largest natural harbors in the Mediterranean.

Also, The Bay of Keros on Limnos is very popular for Kitesurfing
The only airport is Lemnos International Airport, 18 kilometres (11 mi) east of Myrina. The island is well served by ferries.


Most approaches to Limnos are without dangers and straightforward. The exception is Moudros Bay where there are a number of reefs.


There is only one harbor, Myrina, but there are several attractive anchorages on the island.

39°52.3′N, 25°03.3′EMyrina

Mirina provides very good shelter. You can either moor stern-to on the N quay or anchor off-shore. The inner harbor is too shallow and it is crowded with fishing boats. The mooring places at the N quay are not many and it best to arrive early.

Caution: Avoid the spot where the ferryboat moors. If you tie there, the coast guard will be asking you to move at a very early morning hour.

There are water and electricity outlets by the quay and a mini-tank delivering Diesel fuel comes by in the afternoons.


39°50.3′N, 25°13.89′EMoudros Bay

The Bay of Moudros is one of the largest natural harbors of the Mediterranean. While in general safe, it is large enough to develop an uncomfortable swell during strong winds.
If you wish to anchor, there are many coves in the bay, but during the meltemi, which blows here in violent gusts from the NE, it is best to anchor just to the S of the town, located on the E side of the bay, if no space is available on the quay.

39°51.2′N, 25°11.6′EVourlidia bay

With southern winds, Vourlidia bay offers excellent protection despite the violent gusts. Care must be taken to avoid the reef in the middle of the bay and the shallows. Anchor in 3-4 m excellent holding.
Danger: There numerous reefs blocking the entrance of the inner bay. Do not enter during the night.

39°51.1′N, 25°14.6′EOrmos Kavos

Ormos Kavos on the east side and immediately south of the inner bay provides good shelter from north-west through east winds. It is a very attractive anchorage with clear water and small caves. Anchor in 2.5 to 5m on sand – very good holding.

39°50.51′N, 25°9.32′EKondias Bay

Kondias Bay W of Moudros and N of Cape Stavros. It provides good shelter from the meltemi but it is open to the S. At the NE of the bay, Diapori (Διαπόρι) provides almost all-round shelter. Also, especially with SE winds the Two Coves NW 39°50.97′N, 25°09.1′E are very attractive. Anchor in 4-5 m, good holding.

39°50.7′N, 25°07.2′EOrmos Ayiou Pavlou

It provides some shelter from the meltemi but not as good as either Kondias Bay or Ormos Thanos.

39°50.4′N, 25°04.7′EOrmos Thanos

Ormos Thanos is a very attractive anchorage and well protected from the meltemi. It is open to S. Anchor E of the little island at about 5 m depth.
The sand beach is very clean. The town of Thanos is about a 45 minute walk and has an excellent restaurant offering grilled meats.
Good spear fishing around the little island.

39°50′N, 25°03.1′ECape Tigani

Just to the E of the Cape Tigani (frying pan) there is a tiny very attractive cove. It is suitable only when the weather is sheltered for a brief stop. There is excellent spear fishing around the little island S of the cape.

39°51.3′N, 25°03.6′EPlati Bay

It is N of Cape Tigani and provides good shelter from the northerly meltemi but it is exposed to the SW.
Caution: There is a reef at the entrance to the cove.

39°58.9′N, 25°02.6′ECape Mourtzouflos

Just S. of Cape Mourtzouflos there is a very pleasant anchorage, sheltered from the meltemi. Anchor at 4-6 m on sand, good holding.

39°57.2′N, 25°17.9′EKotsinas

During Byzantine times Kotsinas was a harbor serving the capital of the island. It is a safe anchorage but during a strong meltemi it develops an uncomfortable swell. One cannot get too close to the shore because it is shallow. Anchor in the lee of the NW cape in 4-5 m. Good holding.
The tiny fishing harbor of Kotsinas can be visited with the dinky.

40°0.91′N, 25°26.15′EPlaka (Πλάκα)

Right S of the NE tip of Limnos there is a nice cove that provides some shelter from the meltemi and good shelter from the southerlies. The best place is to anchor off in 3.5-4.5 m depth on a sand spot inside the water breaker of the small fishing harbor in the N side. With a strong meltemi some swell comes in but it is perfectly safe. The small village of Plaka is a 45 min walk where only basic provisions can be found.
Caution: To the E towards the beech it gets shallow very quickly.


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