North Aegean SeaSAMOTHRACE

Samothraki is small island of 180 km2 and aid located in the NE corner of Greece. It is a remote and rugged, wind-swept, island with it highest peak, Mt. Fengari at 1676 m (5500 ft). Here sat the God of the sea, Poseidonto watch the Trojan War. The Town, capital of Samothraki, is 6km from Kamariotissa Port. The traditional settlement, built amphitheatrically in the 15th century at an altitude of 300m on the slopes of Mount Saos.

Samothraki is a place of exceptional natural beauty with wild un-spoilt nature, hidden rocky slopes, rich flora and fauna, plane forests, which often reach the shore, pine trees, chestnut trees, cedars and Mediterranean bushes, an abundance of running water, cataracts, ponds – known locally as ‘vathres’ and enchanting seashores.This island is not ideal for sailing, with many anchorages around , but for people who looking for tranquility and for those who like hiking in the beautiful and enchanting forest of the island.


When approaching Samothrace from the W the appearance of distances near Cape Akrotiri can be deceiving. Approaching the island from the W expect very strong katabatic winds from Mt. Fengari


Samothrace does not have any natural harbors or anchorages. There are only one artificial harbor: Kamariotissa , that you can use with sailing yacths.

40°28.4′N, 25°28.1′EKamariotissa

Kamariotissa is the main harbor for the island. It provides good all around shelter but a strong SW wind brings in an uncomfortable swell sometimes.


Coast Guard

VHF channel 12

Olympia Radio

VHF channels 82

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