Skiathos (Σκιάθος) is the most touristically developed of the Sporades. As a result in the past several years it has been cursed by many large and ugly new buildings, especially along its southern shores. By nature, Skiathos is a beautiful island, mountainous and very green, with large trees, and its reputed 62 beaches are of stunning beauty. Unfortunately very few have been left in their natural state. Most have been “developed” which translates into bars, blasting loudspeakers, umbrellas, cigarette buts, beach chairs, plastic wrappers and may other non-natural elements.


There is only one harbor in Skiathos and several attractive coves.

39°9.71′N, 23°29.65′ESkiathos Harbor

Skiathos Harbor provides excellent shelter. There are several anchoring possibilities:

  • Anchor in the old harbor, which is the most sheltered. This is frequently impossible because of the large number of day-trip boats. If you do, come stern-to after dropping the anchor in 4-5 m. The bottom is sand with good holding.
  • Dock stern-to the concrete quay of the new harbor (N of the old harbor). There is room for 20 boats here stern to between charter boats to the north and south. The bottom is sand with good holding. You will need to drop your anchor at least 35 meters off the quay to avoid a mooring chain.
  • 3. The newer pontoon or floating dock has essentially been taken over by charter companies. It is unlikely you will find a berth here during weekends (Thursday through Saturday nights) but there is a better chance on other nights. It is worth checking with the charter staff who are frequently on the pontoon.


39°09.6′N, 23°28.8′EVasilias

This is a cove about 1 nM W of the Old Harbor. Several local yachts anchor in the northern head of the cove. It is also possible to anchor off the beach along the western side of the bay, avoiding the buoyed-off swimming area. Sand patches 5 to 7m, good holding. During the day there is ocassional wash from ferries travelling in and out of Skiathos harbour and a waterski boat operates in the bay.

39°08.4′N, 23°27.7′EKanapitsa

Kanapitsa is a sheltered cove about 3 M SW of Skiathos Harbor. It used by several local yachts and looks attractive despite the near by hotels.

39°08.4′N, 23°26.5′EPlatanias Bay

This is a large bay E of Koukounaries. It is well sheltered from the meltemi but exposed the southerlies (avoid in the fall). Many large hotels.

39°8.68′N, 23°24.18′EKoukounaries (Κουκουναριές)

This is the favorite anchorage in Skiathos for some cruisers. . It is best to anchor off the beach at about 6 m. The bottom is mostly sand and provides good holding, though there are some patches of rock to avoid. The bay is sheltered from the meltemi but exposed the southerlies (avoid in the fall).

Koukounaries is a wonderful beach with a pine forest all the way to the waterfront. The whole area is a park and protected from development.

There are many attractive sand beaches on the N shore of the island where you can anchor but they are all exposed to the meltemi. The nicest ones are:

  • Mandraki 39°10′N, 23°23.8′E
  • Anemosouria 39°10.1′N, 23°24.4′E
  • Megalos Aselinos 39°10.6′N, 23°25.4′E
  • Kastro 39°12.6′N, 23°27.8′E
  • Lalaria 39°12.5′N, 23°28.8′E

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