Skopelos is a very green mountainous island with an area of 96 km2 and about 5,500 inhabitants. It highest peak is Delphi at 366 m (1200 ft.). There are many natural springs and about a fifth of the island is cultivated with olive groves, plum trees, almond, and orange trees. Its capital Skopelos or Chora, is also its main harbor and it is located on the NE of the island.


39°7.29′N, 23°44.09′ESkopelos Harbor

Skopelos, the main harbor of the island is a large and noisy harbor. With a meltemi (NE) it can develop an uncomfortable swell, although the harbour remains tenable. There is room for 80 boats to moor stern-to along the long breakwater. The bottom in the harbour is mud and provides excellent holding.

Be generous on using fenders: The big ferry can provide a swell.

Warning: With strong NE winds (meltemi) the sea builds up and it may be dangerous to enter or leave the harbor.

39°9.92′N, 23°36.92′EGlossa or Loutraki

Glossa or Loutraki is an attractive but often crowded harbor. On the E side of the harbor there is a floating pontoon to which you can moor stern-to using your anchor. The north side has less than 2.0 mt. depth. The harbor is well protected from the meltemi. The bottom is sand and weed and provides good holding.

39 04.969'N, 023 42.490' EAgnontas

Agnontas is the third harbor in Skopelos. It is well protected from the meltemi and all N winds but it is subject to uncomfortable swell.


39°6.53′N, 23°39.45′EPanormos

Panormos is a large bay about 1 nM SE of Dasa Island on the SW of Skopelos. It consists of two coves and is very deep.

The most protected spot from the meltemi is on the NE corner. Anchor at about 10-15 m.

The S cove is more isolated and although it is fairly narrow and can be crowded is an all around good shelter and is very pleasant with pine trees all the way to the water. Anchor anywhere you find room at about 4-10 m and take a line ashore to prevent the boat from swinging into other boats.

Warning: Because the bottom is steep you may have to anchor at 10 m which could cause holding problems. Also be aware of protruding rocks near the shore.

39°5.25′N, 23°41.83′ELimnonari

Limnonari is a pleasant anchorage protected from the meltemi but exposed to the S. The water is very clean . Anchor outside the buoys at about 5 m. The bottom is sand with some weed and holds well

39°5.05′N, 23°44.87′EStafylos

Stafylos is a pleasant anchorage for a swim or lunch but because it completely exposed to the S it is not suitable for overnight unless the weather is settled or only from the N. Anchor in 3-4 m in the NE corner.

Warning: Watch out for the reef S of the small island on the W of the cove.


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