Skyros or Skiros is the most isolated island of the Sporades group, and as a result not too many yachts visit it. Skyros has about 4,000 inhabitants and an area of 210 km2. The tallest peak is Mt. Kokhilas (792 m).


38°45′N, 24°36.9′ESarakino (Σαράκινο)

There is a wonderful secluded anchorage at the S side of Sarakino Island. It provides good shelter from the meltemibut it is exposed to the S. The bottom is sand and weeds and provides good holding. Anchor at 4-6 m and take a shore line to a rock. Watch out for the many sea urchins.

38°50′N, 24°22′ESkyropoula (Σκυροπούλα)

The S side of Skyropoula is nice place for a temporary anchorage. There is very good spearfishing.

39°04′N, 24°06.7′ESkantzoura (Σκάντζουρα)

Skantzoura is a small uninhabited island. The only structure on it is an old hermitage, now abandoned. It is a very pleasant if isolated place.

The island is within the Marine Park which was established a few years ago to protect marine life and particularly the highly endangered Mediterranean seal. All fishing is strictly forbidden. Yachts can stay for only one night.

Caution: There numerous unmarked low lying islets and reefs at the entrance to Skantzoura bay. Entry to and exit from the bay after dark is dangerous.

38°50′N, 24°22′ESkyropoula (Σκυροπούλα)

The S side of Skyropoula is nice place for a temporary anchorage. There is very good spearfishing.



Linaria is a small harbor and it offers good protection from the meltemi as well as from the S winds. Anchoring is very difficult because of the many laid moorings and bad holding. Most yachts moor alongside the W quay, avoiding the ferryboat area.

The harbor is very pleasant with a few restaurants and stores. There is a water outlet at the quay, with water available, and fuel by tanker. The town of Chora is about 10 km away.


38°50.9′N, 24°32′ELinaria Cove

Linaria Cove is just N of Linaria Harbor. It is open to the S winds. It well protected from the meltemi despite the strong gusts. The bottom is mostly mud and provides good holding.

Caution: On the NE over the hill there is an electric power plant. It is refueled by some underwater pipes located between 2 small buoys. Stay away form the E side of the cove.

The cove is a very pleasant and much more quieter than the harbor despite the proximity of the power plant.

38°52.4′N, 24°28.6′EAyios Phokas

Ayios Phokas is a gorgeous anchorage with very bright green pines all around, almost up to the water line. Anchor at 4m, very good holding on sand.

38°51.2′N, 24°30.2′EStin Angali

Stin Angali is a lovely setting and a safe anchorage but liable to have some swell.

38°47.120'N, 024°35.651'ETris Bookes

Tris Bookes (Τρείς Μπούκες) or Trebuki is a very large natural harbor and has been used by the British and Greek navies as an anchorage.


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VHF channel 12

Olympia Radio

VHF channel 63

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