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The beautiful and tranquil island of Thassos is perfect for a full-day sailing adventure. Spot some dolphins near the small island of Panagia, or admire the impressive rock formations and the sea near Giola farther east. Stop by Aliki for a swim break. Then continue along the coast to Paradise Beach. The verdant islet of Nisida Kinira is perfect for either a short exploration stop or a final destination at the small harbour of Thassos town’s main port for a restful night. Thassos makes a great destination for family holidays and relaxing vacations.

Thassos is the northernmost of the Greek islands. Thasos is not subject to the meltemi and has a much more humid climate than other Aegean islands. As a result it is very green and covered with many trees. Thasos is seasonally occupied by tourists . It still produces wine and is famous in Greece for its olives.


Approaches to the island of Thasos are straightforward. For more details see individual ports


40°46.878'N, 024°42.739'ELimenas

The new harbour is 500 meters west of the old harbour and is now the preferred harbour for visiting yachts, offering good all round shelter and depths of four meters plus. Yachts go alongside or – at busy periods – anchor moor to either of the two breakwaters. The harbor is pleasant and surrounded by some excellent restaurants.

The ancient mole extends underwater for approximately 300 m to the NE of the harbor. Stay clear.

40°37.400'N, 024° 34.458’ ELimenaria

Limenaria, on the SW corner of the island, is the second yacht harbor in Thasos. Ιt offers good shelter from the N wind. The harbor is rather shallow and it is almost impossible to approach the two small jetties. Anchor off at about 3-4 m. The harbor can be noisy at night. Many restaurants.

l At 2018 was given for use a new part of the harbor. As you enter the harbor turn left and you will find new places to moor the boat.

Caution: Shallow waters in the middle of the old port , and between old port and the new part of the port.


40°46.2′N, 24°43.7′EMakriammos

Open bay at NE corner of Thasos. There is short mole with 2 m depth that provides some shelter from the NE winds.

40°43.6′N, 24°45.9′ESkala Potamias

This is a large bay on the E coast of the island, just S of Cape Pyrgos. Reasonable shelter from the NE winds. Sand bottom.

40°37′N, 24°45.7′EAliki

Aliki, on the SE of the island, provides good shelter from the N winds although it is open to the S. Several coves.


This is a small bay on the S coast of the island. Provides good shelter from the N winds although it is open to the S.

Skala Marion

This is a small bay on the SW coast of the island. Provides good shelter from the N winds although it is open to the S.


Coast Guard

VHF channel 12

Olympia Radio

VHF channels 25 & 85

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