enjoy every single moment together

This selection is for groups such as:

  • Groups
  • Associations
  • Companies
  • Business
  • School Units
  • Educational Institutions
  • Activity Learning Schools

And in general, to any group  who want to be transported by our boats for the sake of fun!

sailing yach charter in Kavala
sailing yach charter in Kavala

Split & have fun

You can split up into groups of 8 to 10 in more than one boat and travel to the islands of your choice!

It is a very common type of holiday used by groups for shared entertainment, shared experiences, and fun with people from their surroundings!

For example if you are:

  • Gym owner
  • Association president
  • Business representative
  • School president or educational institution president
  • Arts learning teacher
  • Group trainer

We responsibly telling you that group holidays is the most modern way to entertain your students or the staff who work with you!

Contact us to arrange a cruise that will make your whole team unforgettable!

sailing yach charter in Kavala