What to do in Thasos Island during your sailing trip!

Many Thassos diving centers have their base on the island, particularly in tourist places like Potos, Pefkari, Prinos, and Limenaria. These centers offer courses for all levels, rent equipment and organize Thassos diving trips to interesting sites.

The POPEYE DIVING CENTER was established in 2007 in Thassos to offer high quality diving services, training and top quality diving equipment to friends and lovers of the underwater world. Now it continues to provide the same quality services in the second center that operates in Kavala. In our diving center you come as a visitor but you leave as a friend and you start again because here you will really dive with friends. Friendly cheerful people are always ready to accompany you in your diving activities, with responsibility, safety and style.

The POPEYE DIVING CENTER supports all trained technicians and amateur divers in their dives. It organizes daily diving excursions in over 40 different diving points on the island that are waiting for you to be the first to explore them. 

Diving for children (Bubblemaker)

The  Bubblemaker  program presents scuba diving as an activity that allows children to get to know the underwater world. Under the close supervision of an instructor, participants swim around wearing shallow scuba diving devices in confined spaces by simply playing. At the end of the Bubblemaker program, the children receive a commemorative diploma, as well as a card along with photos and videos that make this experience unforgettable.

Diving for Beginner Divers (Discover Scuba)

The Discover Scuba Diving  program  introduces people to scuba diving in a highly supervised and relaxing way. It dispels common misconceptions about scuba diving by allowing people to try it. Under the guidance of professionals, young divers learn basic safety concepts, wear equipment and swim underwater around a supervised environment. After testing in scuba diving, many young divers may decide to repeat the experience. If not immediately, in other cases or in different areas. Others will choose to pursue a degree by enrolling in a Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver program.

Diving for advanced divers

We organize daily day and night diving for certified scuba divers, in the best diving areas of the area with the specially designed 9 meter diving boat that we have. Friendly cheerful people are ready to welcome you and serve you.


Subwing is a new, trailer underwater game, a sport suitable for all water lovers. It is fun and safe for both children and adults that does not require special skills other than being comfortable in the water. All you need to get started is a Subwing, a tow rope, a diving mask and of course a motor boat.

Once you start, you will be able to experience the wonders of underwater flight under water. You will pass effortlessly in the water and perform exciting underwater acrobatics exploring the underwater landscape. We give you the ability to record your entire water trip with a GoPro Camera connected to the Subwing and share your underwater experience with friends and relatives. Playing with Subwing at Sea allows you to explore the marine world like never before.

The Instructor

Stelios Hasparis
23 years of diving experience as a professional Inshore / Offshore Commercial Diver since 1998 and a diving instructor with extensive experience since 2000. Certified by the largest diving organizations in the world, such as: PADI, ANDI, SSI, IANTD, DAN holding several large steps. He is also a member of many volunteer rescue teams. 


Discover, Snorkeling & Subwing 
Subwing15΄/ 30΄1 / 240 € / 60 €
Discover Snorkeling PADI60΄160 €
Snorkeling Experience Adults & ChildrenANDI or IANTD60’160 €
Discover Scuba Diving PADI60’1 / 260 € / 90 €
Scuba Experience Adults & ChildrenANDI or IANTD60’1 / 260 € / 90 €
Try Scuba SSI60’1 / 260 € / 90 €
Bubblemaker PADI30’160 €
Discover Full Face Mask45’160 €
Discover Sidemount45’160 €
Scuba Review60’1100€
Discover Tec45’1100 € 
Discover Rebreather45’1150 € 

1 to 5 dives45’ or 50 bar50* / 60** €
6 to 10 dives45’ or 50 bar45* / 55** €
11+ dives45’ or 50 bar40* / 50** €
Deep Dive45’ or 50 bar100* / 120** €
Tec Dive***45’ or 50 bar150* / 250** €
Night Dive45’ or 50 bar70 €

* The price includes only bottle and weights

** The price is with all the necessary diving equipment

*** Tec Dive price without gas mixtures

Special prices for Groups & Customers Of Yachtbook MCPY

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Our company Yachtbook MCPY undertakes to transport you with its boats to the diving center of Popeye or to make the reservation for you ,while sailing with its boats !

Rent a sailing yacht from Kavala or Thasos !

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